Assignment #1- Website Analysis and Site Map

Site Analysis of is the portfolio site of Philadelphia-based graphic designer, Michael Almquist. The site is a reflection of his work in its layout, color scheme and mood. However, it is not perfect and as it is a portfolio site, it is always a work in progress.

The layout of the site is clean and organized. Almquist utilizes a left-hand navigation bar. The navigation bar itself is white, with the background of the site being a gray and white diagonal almost pinstripe pattern. At the top is the site’s title, a gray stylized “Looking is Wrong,” header. Beneath this is Almquist’s contact information including phone and email, in a box the same pattern as the site background. Beneath this box there are links to “About,” “Blog,” and “Resume.” Then there are headers with titled links to “Work” and “Older Work.” Then there is another gray box with copyright information; beneath that there are icons to social networking sites. On the right side of the screen there is a Twitter widget.

The site’s color scheme is gray, white, and salmon. Though these colors are not always used directly in Almquist’s designs, they fall into the same color schemes as many of them. Because of this the site seems more cohesive and professional as it becomes apparent that as an artist Almquist is aware of what colors work well together. The colors are also clean and bright, but not glaringly so. This draws the reader’s attention as well as making the site seem fun and almost whimsical. It is apparent that Almquist strived to make his site a reflection of his work.

The site’s homepage is Almquist’s blog titled, “Wrong Blog: Observation, Illustration, Process and Design.” It seems redundant to have a link to the blog in the navigation bar, as it is also the homepage. This makes the site slightly less intuitive as there is no “Home” link and if one wanted to return to the home page, they would have to click on “Blog.” Having the blog as the homepage also detracts from the otherwise professional appearance of the site. A potential client most likely cares about the artist’s portfolio, which should be the focus of the site, not the artist’s blog.

Despite the lack of a “Home” button, for the most part the links on are rather intuitive and make sense. For example, “About” leads to a short biography of how Almquist got into design. However, the link for “Resumé” leads to a page that reads “Coming Soon…” as a graphic designer it seems that it would be important to have a resume on the site for potential clients to have access to. Still, the site does of course provide examples of Almquist’s work.

The actual portfolio section of is divided into “Work” and “Older Work.” There is no immediate indication of when the work was done or a reason for why the work is separated into two time periods. When clicking on the links to the works, which are the titles of pieces, the design comes up in the center of the page and the information about the project appears on a bar to the right. Through this the reader can learn that the work is ordered chronologically. This consistency allows the reader or potential client to see how Almquist’s work has progressed as well as allowing them to see twenty of his designs.

Overall, Almquist’s portfolio site,, maintains a fairly professional appearance. It is clean, yet has a certain whimsical attitude that reflects Almquist’s designs and emphasizes his ability as an artist and designer to put together something that looks good. If he can reflect his own work in his site, he can reflect clients in his designs.

Almquist, M. (2010). Looking is wrong. Retrieved from


Assignment #2- Webpage Design

Gretta Smith is a singer and guitarist with a backup band called “The Band.” They have their first full length out called “&” and are on tour with Manchester Orchestra. They have a folk/alternative sound similar to bands like Manchester Orchestra and Brand New. The concept of having a front person and then a backup band stems from Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band, another similar band. Gretta Smith and the Band (despite the band not being called by their given names) are really good friends who all met in Philadelphia. And though they all live and work there (well, obviously when they aren’t on tour) they all were brought up in suburban or rural areas. Because of this a lot of the imagery Gretta uses in her lyrics has to do with nature, which is why both the website background, and the CD cover art involve brush fires.

Assignment #3- Still Image Editing

“When You’re Out of My Sight” is the story of a young woman, happy wither current life and love, who is being stalked by a former acquaintance. Her stalker watches and fantasizes about the life they would leave if she could only win the young woman over. She schemes from the shadows, only to have her final plan end in a terrible confrontation. The young woman thinks about what to do, and attempts to seek comfort in her boyfriend, only for him to think that she’s overreacting and being completely irrational. It ends with a scared young woman, a still determined stalker, and a man regretting his choices and remember the good.

I attempted to edit the clips in a slightly ambiguous and hopefully slightly comical way, so the viewer can make up their own minds about what happens in the story. Though I feel that the initial story of stalking is clear, what happens at the end is purposefully left up to the viewer. The transitions are used to represent changes in time and space. “When You’re Out of My Sight” features the song “Breakfast” by Epsilon Not in the beginning and end signifying a certain level of balance in the characters’ lives. “Starling Revelations of” by Hue Blanc’s Joyless Ones has off kilter lyrics that lend themselves to the situation of the stalker confronting the young woman, and it is also where the title of this project was borrowed.

Breakfast” by Epsilon Not
Startling Revelations of” by Hue Blanc’s Joyless Ones

Assignment #4- Video Editing

A short, silent video. It was edited together for the last Final Cut project for Introduction to Media Tech.